Colorado Advantage - We will be accepting applications for Colorado Advantage 2017 in the fall.

The Colorado Advantage Graduate Preview Weekend is sponsored annually by the Colorado Diversity Initiative, and is intended for college seniors, recent graduates and masters degree students interested in pursuing a STEM doctoral degree at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Program Information
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Program Information

The Colorado Advantage

The Colorado Advantage Graduate Preview Weekend is for college seniors and recent graduates.

This program is intended to introduce college seniors interested in graduate school (PhD only) to the outstanding Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) doctoral programs at CU-Boulder.

Students will participate in tours and workshops that:

  • showcase the benefits of earning a CU-Boulder STEM doctoral degree
  • assist students in preparing competitive graduate school applications
  • allow students to meet with faculty and tour labs in their areas of interest
  • provide the opportunity to meet with current underrepresented doctoral students and gain insight in the community that exists at CU-Boulder
  • let students experience the natural beauty of Boulder

Travel and lodging will be provided for accepted students.


This program is open to students from groups severely underrepresented in STEM graduate education, as defined by the National Science Foundation. These groups include African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, American Indians/Alaska Natives that hold tribal membership, and Pacific Islanders (native peoples of Hawaii, Guam and Samoa). Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents to qualify. Individuals of any race or ethnicity who are first generation college students from low-income backgrounds and students with disabilities are also eligible to apply.

Minimum GPA: 3.0, 3.25 for engineering (on a 4.0 scale)

Colorado Advantage participants will be selected based on academic qualifications that would indicate their ability to be admitted into a CU-Boulder doctoral program. Applicants must be intending to apply for graduate admission in fall 2017.



The application to the Colorado Advantage consists of five components:

  1. Application Form. Right click and save to your desktop. Open, complete and save with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Word versions of the application and letter of rec form may also be used.
  2. Three (3) short essays in response to the prompts included on the application form
  3. One (1) letter of recommendation emailed directly from a faculty member
  4. Official transcripts
  5. Curriculum Vita (CV) (see next section)

You are responsible for emailing the application, completed essays, transcripts and CV to Make sure your recommender emails his or her recommendation directly to us at

You may also print and mail your application, completed essays, transcripts or CV to our office:

Colorado Diversity Initiative
Campus Box UCB347
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder, CO 80309-0347

Curriculum Vita Guidelines

Your CV should include: Name, Contact Information, Educational History, Employment History, Honors & Awards, Affiliations, and Publications. For each of the below sections, be sure to include the following information.

Name: Full legal name, matching your name entered elsewhere in the application.

Contact Information: Provide addresses, email and phone numbers for your current address and permanent address.

Educational History: Please include any academic information for all post-secondary institutions you have attended (including institutions you are currently attending). Be sure to include the following information for each institution listed.

From institutions where you have completed a degree: Institution, From Date, To Date, Degree/Diploma, and GPA. Please use a 4.0 Scale to report your Cumulative GPA. Consider A as 4 points, B as 3, C as 2, D as 1, and F as 0.

From institutions where you have not completed a degree: Institution, From Date, To Date, and Course Title for each course (or Unofficial Transcript).

Employment History: Please include information on any additional nonacademic, industrial, or professional experiences from start of undergraduate work to present. Be sure to include the following information for each position listed: Employer, Job Title, Start Date, End Date, City, and State.

Honors and Awards: Please include any scholarships, prizes, honors, or other special recognitions you have received. For each item be sure to include the Honor/Award and Award Date.

Affiliations: Please list any additional honor societies and learned professional societies of which you are a member, as well as positions held. For each affiliation be sure to include the Activity, Start Date, End Date and Position.

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