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'Archived' News

The Golden Age of Rock - A story about this summer's joint CU/University of Wollongong class

Julien Allaz has received the very prestigious K.F.J. Heinrich Award

Giant bird browsed in the Arctic twilight 50 million years ago   Also featured in the 3/13/2016 Daily Camera

Karen Chin cited in BBC article

Ancient extinction of giant Australian bird points to humans

Charles Shobe received the Rober K. Fahnestock Award from GSA. The grant is awarded for the best proposal in sediment transport or related aspects of fluvial geomorphology

Chuck Stern awarded the Herbert Thomas Prize by the Geologic Society of Chile for outstanding contributions to the understanding of the geology and the development of geological sciences in Chile by a non-Chilean scientist.

Last lake on Mars? A 3.6 billion-year-old dried-up lake may have held potentially habitable surface water

Fall 2016, Paul Weimer receives the Doris Malkin Curtis Medal from the GCSSEPM, which recognizes geologists for their career contributions in the development of new concepts for understanding the geology of the Gulf of Mexico Basin and other basins globally. He also received Honorary membership in the New Orleans Geological Society.

Jenny Nakai wins SSA student presentation award

Bob Anderson awarded the 2015 G.K. Gilbert Award in Surface Processes

Becky Flowers selected as one of 3 Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturers

Study: 2013 Front Range floods caused a thousand year's worth of erosion

Geology professor named Birdsall-Dreiss Lecturer

CU-Boulder study: Beetles beat out extinction

Sarah Crump, Graham Lau, Matt Weingarten and Phil Orlandini volunteer with Earth Explorers

Boulder team wins international water prize

CU-Boulder lands $7 million grant to probe life in universe

Amid oil and gas boom, Colorado continues role as earthquake lab

Earthquakes near deep-earth wells raise concerns

Geology students learn just how much Iceland rocks

CU-Boulder tied for first in number of American Geophysical Union Fellows elected in 2014

Geophysicist William Yeck speaks with Ryan Warner about earthquakes in Greeley - audio available

There's rare earth in them thar hills

CU research team studying earthquake activity near Greeley

Bob Anderson named 2014 Hazel Barnes Prize winner

Rare diamond inclusion points to hydrous conditions deep inside Earth

Peter Molnar awarded 2014 Crafoord Prize in Geosciences

White heads NRC panel on impact of sudden variations in climate

CU-led Maven Mars mission launches successfully in November

Graduate Student Ulyana Horodyskyj on Fulbright Fellowship to Nepal

Study shows unprecedented warmth in the Arctic

Amount of dust blown across the West is increasing

Water-rock reaction may provide enough hydrogen to sustain life below the ocean floor

Kevin Mahan receives prestigious NSF CAREER award

Earth still absorbing CO2 as emissions rise

Department hires new microprobe manager

Unusual volcanic episode triggered Little Ice Age

LASP scientists elected as AGU fellows

GPS uncovers possible Southwest quake risk

Insects hear with help from some very unusual ears

Rachel Shaak, Matt Pranter, and Gus Gustason are recognized for their excellent technical presentation at the 2011 SEPM Annual Meeting for their work on the sequence stratigraphy of the lower Williams Fork Formation in the Piceance Basin.

Ben Herber, recent CU graduate, received the best poster award at the June 2011 AAPG-Rocky Mountain Section Convention for his paper titled
"3D Seismic Interpretation of a Meteorite Impact, Red Wing Creek Field, Williston Basin, western North Dakota."

Research conducted through Matt Pranter's Reservoir Characterization and Modeling Laboratory (RCML) among those highlighted

Matt Pranter part of team that researches Niobrara in Rockies - an unconventional reservoir that joins list of "Hot Shales". Read AAPG Explorer article


Ancient alligators and giant tortoises on Ellesmere Island

Paul Weimer is elected President of the AAPG

Rebecca Flowers receives NSF Career Award

A Colorado cave might hold a key to extraterrestrial life forms

Anne Sheehan - New Zealand ocean bottom seismometer experiment

Stern Receives Honorary Degree From Universidad de Magallanes

Evidence For Ancient Lake On Mars Rockies Mystery Solved by New Mountain-Creation Theory?

How the Rocky Mountain Range Got Its Midsection

Greenland Ice Core Analysis Shows Drastic Climate Change Near End Of Last Ice Age

Ice flow alone explains why fjords are cut so deep - Full Published pdf | News & Views

Global Earthquake Fatalities Expected To Rise

Chile's Erupting Chaiten Volcano One Of Scores Of Active Volcanoes In Region, Says CU-Boulder Prof. Charles Stern - AP Link to story

New dates for Grand Canyon


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