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Shemin Ge

Professor, Department of Geological Sciences
Ph.D., 1990, The Johns Hopkins University, Hydrogeology
M.S., 1985, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
B.S., 1982, Wuhan University of Technology, China
Email: Shemin.Ge@Colorado.EDU
Phone: 303.492.8323

Professional History

1993 - present, Assistant, Associate, Full Professor, University of Colorado – Boulder
2012 – 2014, Program Director, Hydrologic Sciences Program, National Science Foundation
2010 - 2011, Blaustein Visiting Professor, Department of Earth Environmental System Sciences, Stanford University
2010 - 2011, US Geological Survey – Menlo Park, CA, Visiting Scientist
2004, visiting scientist, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research, Perth, Australia
2003, visiting scientist, BP Institute for Multiphase Flow, Cambridge University, England
1990 – 1993, Hydrogeologist, S.S. Papadopulos & Assoc., Inc., Bethesda, MD


Selected Professional Service

Editor: Hydrogeology Journal, 2008 - 2012
Associate Editor: Journal of Ground Water, 2003 –2009, Geofluids, 2003 - present
Chair: Hydrogeology Program Planning Group, Ocean Drilling Programs, 1999-2002
Panels and committees: National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy, Integrated Ocean Drilling Programs.

Research Areas

Fluid injection and seismicity
Thermal energy storage in geologic media
Impact of climate change on water resources
Surface water and groundwater interaction
Tectonics, earthquake, and fluid flow, coupling fluid flow and rock deformation
Basin-scale fluid flow, heat transfer, and solute transport
Hydrogeological processes in coastal zones and active ocean margins


Fall 2015
Geol 3030 - Introduction to Hydrogeology
Geol 5700 - Hydrogeology Seminar

Selected Publications

Current and Past Students

Ph.D. Graduate Students

Sarah Evans, (2013 - )

Matthew Weingarten  (2010 - )

Lyndsay Ball, (2011) - Currently at the USGS, Denver
BS, Virginia Tech.
Dissertation: Hydrologic and Geophysical Characterization of Fault-Zone Permeability

Paula A. Cutillo, (2003) - Currently at the US National Park Service, Fort Collins
B.A., Boston University, M.S., Colorado State University       
Dissertation: Fluid Flow and coupled processes at active margins: Case studies for The Barbados and Costa Rica subduction zones  

S. Cheree' Stover, (2001) - Currently at BP, London
B.A., Harvard University; M.S., University of Washington
Dissertation: Assessment of historic fluid and thermal flow patterns in sedimentary basins; saturated flow modeling with focus on accretionary prisms; general channel response to catchment disturbances in fluvial systems.

Gordon N. McCurry, (2000) - Currently at Geomega, Boulder
B.S., Pennsylvania State University, M.S., West Virginia University
Dissertation: Modeling the Effects of Climate Change on the Hydrology and Water Rights of a Semi-arid Irrigated Watershed.

Miles E. Waite, (1998) - Currently at Waite Associates, Vermont
B.A., University of Vermont
Dissertation: Fluid Flow in Discrete Fractures: An Experimental and Lattice Gas Automata Modeling Study.


M.S. Graduate Students

Stephen Henning, (2014 - )

Nora Catolico, (2013 - )

Nadine Reitman, (2012) - Currently at USGS, Golden
Thesis: Groundwater flow and its effect on salt dissolution in Gypsum Canyon Watershed, Paradox Basin, Southeast Utah

Jessica Cochrane, (2011)
Thesis: Climate change on groundwater recharge

Miori Yoshino, (2011) - Currently at Schlumberger, Denver
BA, University of Colorado
Thesis: Hydrogeological Characterization of a Proposed Uranium In-Situ Recovery Mine Site, a Case Study in Weld County, Colorado

Brent Aigler, (2010)
BS, Colby College
Thesis: Hydrogeological Analysis of a Mountainous Groundwater System: Fraser River Watershed, Grand County, Colorado

Kenneth Babcock, (2007) - Currently at Exxon-Mobil, Houston
BS, Lafayette College
Thesis: Shallow Alluvial Aquifer Ground Water System and Surface Water/Ground Water Interaction Along The Boulder Creek, Boulder, Colorado

Gregory Robertson, (2006) - Currently at Exxon-Mobil, Houston
B.S. University of Colorado
Thesis: An Investigation of Tectonic Deformation on Water Levels in Devils Hole, Death Valley National Park, Nevada

Katherine G. Kahn, (2005)
B.S. College of Charleston
Thesis: Analysis of the Shallow Groundwater System in an Alpine Basin: Handcart Gulch, Colorado.

Steven M. Shultz, (2001)
B.A., Dartmouth College
Thesis: Groundwater Flow in the French Creek Basin, Southwest Colorado.

Stephanie A. Tomusiak, (2001) - Currently at Geomega, Boulder
B.A., Washington University
Thesis: Hydrogeologic Parameterization of a Fractured Crystalline Aquifer Utilizing Field Data and Discrete Network Modeling Approach.

David Kinner, (2000) - Currently at Western Carolina University
B.A., Amherst College
Thesis: Hydrology of Tropical Catchments with Variable Topography and Land Use: an Application of Topmodel

John C. Marler, (1999)
B.S., Vanderbilt University
Thesis: The Impact of the Elkhorn fault on the Hydrogeology of the South ark Region, Park County, Colorado. 

Jeffrey B. Bails, (1998) - Currently at USGS, Denver
B.S., University of California - Santa Cruz 
Thesis: Water-quality Characteristics and Mass-balance Modeling of the French Gulch Drainage, Breckenridge, Colorado

Jennifer J. Hinds, (1997) - Currently at University of Idaho
B.S., University of Tennessee
Thesis: Numerical Studies of Perched Groundwater at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Andrew Horn (1997) - Currently at Westwater Hydrology, LLC

Minru Liao (1996)

Barbara Breuer (1994)



Undergraduate Honors Thesis

Christina Johnson (2011)

Angela Cook (2006)

Jacob Bauer (2005)


Visiting Scientists, Postdoctoral Associates

Yaolin Shi, 1996, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Elizabeth Screaton, 1996-1997, University of Florida

In-Wook Yeo, 2001 and 2010, Chonnam National University   

Sihai Liang, 2009, China University of Geosciences-Beijing

Zhi Wen, 2009-2010, Chinese Academy of Sciences -Lanzhou

Yamin Deng, 2009-2010, China University of Geosciences-Wuhan

Jin-Yong Lee, 2014- , Kangwon National University

Woo-Hyon Jeon, 2014- , Kangwon National University

Geological Sciences
University of Colorado Boulder
UCB 399
Boulder, CO 80309-0399