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Modern River Piracy: Retreating Yukon Glacier Redirects River
     Additional work by Mike Willis and coauthors:
CU ranked #1 in Geosciences by the Center for World University Rankings
Last remnant of North American ice sheet likely to disappear in 300 years

GSA Awards Penrose Medal to John T. Andrews

CU Alumni Dominic Papineau and colleagues at University College London say Canadian Bacteria Fossils May Be Earth’s Oldest

Humans, not climate change, wiped out Australian megafauna

CU Boulder is top in the state and No. 2 in geosciences in global rankings released today by U.S. News & World Report.

Down to Earth With: Hydrogeologist Shemin Ge

'False' biosignatures may complicate search for ancient life on Earth, other planets

Geological Sciences' Mike Willis is pleased to announce that the state of Alaska, the first data from the ArcticDEM project, is now available for download from Included is a 5 meter posting mosaic, a large number of 2m posting time-stamped strips, viewers, web services
     Press releases:
       Alaska Has Finally Been Mapped as Precisely as Mars
       NSF, NGA release first unclassified digital elevation models of Alaska
       NGA, NSF release 3-D elevation models of Alaska for White House Arctic initiative

The Golden Age of Rock - A story about this summer's joint CU/University of Wollongong class

Julien Allaz has received the very prestigious K.F.J. Heinrich Award

Giant bird browsed in the Arctic twilight 50 million years ago   Also featured in the 3/13/2016 Daily Camera


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8/28 - First day of classes

8/30 - Colloquium - TBD

9/6 - Colloquium - TBD

CU-Boulder ranks #1 for Geosciences
CU-Boulder ranks #9 Nationally for "Best Geology Graduate School Programs"
CU-Boulder ranks #2 for "Best Global Universities for Geosciences"

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