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'False' biosignatures may complicate search for ancient life on Earth, other planets

GSA short course on organic, light and clumped stable isotope geochemistry in the 21st century (principles, practices and novel applications) taught at CU by Katie Snell, Julio Sepulveda, Sebastian Kopf and Brett Davidheiser-Kroll on Saturday September 24th.
   Please visit GSA course information for details and registration
   Are you a CU graduate student interested in participating in this course?
   please email Julio Sepulveda ( with a brief description of how this
   course would benefit your graduate studies.

Geological Sciences' Mike Willis is pleased to announce that the state of Alaska, the first data from the ArcticDEM project, is now available for download from Included is a 5 meter posting mosaic, a large number of 2m posting time-stamped strips, viewers, web services
     Press releases:
       Alaska Has Finally Been Mapped as Precisely as Mars
       NSF, NGA release first unclassified digital elevation models of Alaska
       NGA, NSF release 3-D elevation models of Alaska for White House Arctic initiative

The Golden Age of Rock - A story about this summer's joint CU/University of Wollongong class

Julien Allaz has received the very prestigious K.F.J. Heinrich Award

Giant bird browsed in the Arctic twilight 50 million years ago   Also featured in the 3/13/2016 Daily Camera

Karen Chin cited in BBC article

Ancient extinction of giant Australian bird points to humans

Charles Shobe received the Rober K. Fahnestock Award from GSA. The grant is awarded for the best proposal in sediment transport or related aspects of fluvial geomorphology

Chuck Stern awarded the Herbert Thomas Prize by the Geologic Society of Chile for outstanding contributions to the understanding of the geology and the development of geological sciences in Chile by a non-Chilean scientist.

Last lake on Mars? A 3.6 billion-year-old dried-up lake may have held potentially habitable surface water


Upcoming Events

9/28 - Colloquium - Jaelyn Eberle

10/5 - Colloquium - Darryl Granger

10/12 - Colloquium - Timothy McCoy

CU-Boulder ranks #9 Nationally for "Best Geology Graduate School Programs"
CU-Boulder ranks #2 for "Best Global Universities for Geosciences"

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