Sample Preferred Name/Pronoun Emails

Template 1: CU-Boulder Specific

Prof/Mr/Ms/Mrs/Mx [instructor's name],

I am a student in your [class name] class next semester. The roster will list me as my legal name, [legal name]; however, I prefer to be addressed as [preferred name] and with [fe/male] pronouns ([s/he], [her/him], [hers/his]). Please respect this request in accordance with the following syllabus statement suggested by CU:

“Professional courtesy and sensitivity are especially important with respect to individuals and topics dealing with differences of race, culture, religion, politics, sexual orientation, gender, gender variance, and nationalities. Class rosters are provided to the instructor with the student's legal name. I will gladly honor your request to address you by an alternate name or gender pronoun. Please advise me of this preference early in the semester so that I may make appropriate changes to my records. See polices at and at”
Please also forward this to the appropriate T.A. or assistant or let me know who they are so that I may inform them of this preference as well.

Thank you very much,


[preferred name]

Additional Templates

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