Campus Transitioning Guide

Community & Social Life

Where can I meet others like me?
There are several ways to meet other out trans-identifying or transitioning people at CU and in the Boulder community. Coming to GLBTQRC events, Out Boulder events, or other happenings in the GLBTQIA community and transgender-specific events is one excellent way.

There are also two groups in the community that you can check out:

For information on Denver-area social and support groups, two good starting places are the Gender Identity Center of Colorado and trans programming at The Center.

Are there any annual events that have trans-specific programming?
Indeed there are! Here at the GLBTQRC we play a vital role in two major annual events, one in the Fall and one in the Spring. Make sure to sign up for our email list to get announcements on these events and more each year, and if you'd like to be involved in any planning committees just contact us to find out how.

  • Trans Awareness Week (Transgender Day of Remembrance)
    Began in the fall of 2010, Trans Awareness Week is a community event organized with numerous other Boulder GLBTQIA organizations. Trans Awareness Week takes place each year at the same time as Transgender Day of Remembrance, an international event to honor transgender people who have passed away. Day of Remembrance events typically fall on November 20th.

  • TRANSforming Gender Symposium
    The GLBTQRC is the primary organizer of the annual TRANSforming Gender Symposium. For more information, please visit the Symposium page.