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The work done at the GLBTQ Resource Center cannot be effective without the on and off campus support available in the form of student groups, campus departments and community organizations. Below are links to resources that will provide more in depth information on services offered:
  • CU and State Policies
    Do you have questions about the CU Boulder and Colorado GLBTQ Supportive policies? Here you will find more information about non-discrimination policies, benefits, and more.
  • At The Center
    Check out this section for a summary of all the things you can find at the Resource Center, including student groups that meet in our space.
  • On Campus
    There are several other centers, departments, and programs on campus that are incredibly helpful for GLBTQIA students. Also on this page are resources to help students navigate campus, including a list of gender inclusive restrooms.
  • Off Campus
    There are also great community resources in Boulder and the great Denver Metro Area. Check out these resources for support and involvement beyond the CU campus.
  • Online & National
    For those needs that can't be met locally, check out these national organizations or internet-based resources.
  • 101s and FAQs - Under Construction
    Just need some quick definitions or have some questions? Check out this page for more information. Also feel free to contact us with any further questions.
  • Campus Transitioning Guide
    Important and detailed information for students, faculty, and staff on the transitioning process. This addresses many different topics but is primarily focused on campus and school related questions.

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