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GLBTQIA Related Resources

These resources have an GLBTQIA focus and are open to everyone. In addition to these, there are several student groups that cater to the GLBTQIA community.

GLBTQ Resource Center303.492.1377
GLBT Alumni Chapter
(Part of Koenig Alumni Center)
LGBT Certificate Program303.492.5809
Spectrum Hall (GLBTQIA Floor in Hallett)303.492.6869

Other Campus Resources

Campus Police303.492.6666
Career Services303.492.6541
Center for Multicultural Affairs303.492.5667
Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)303.492.6766
Department of Housing303.492.6871
Disability Services303.492.8671
Office of Discrimination & Harassment (ODH)303.492.2127
Financial Aid303.492.5091
Hillel: Jewish Campus Resource Center303.442.6571
Interactive Theater Project303.492.4307
International Education303.492.6016
Judicial Affairs303.492.5550
Progressive Radically Inclusive Student Ministry (PRISM)303.443.3960
Student Outreach and Retention Center for Equity (SORCE)303.492.1371
Student Academic Services (SASC)303.492.1416
Student Legal Services303.492.6813
Office of Victim Assistance303.492.8855
Wardenburg Health Center303.492.5101
Women's Resource Center303.492.5713

Gender Inclusive Restrooms

Excel Document
This document includes the locations of multi-stall all gender restrooms, unisex single-stall restrooms, and gendered single-stall restrooms across the CU campus.

Nondiscrimination Information

At the June 2010 CU Board of Regents meeting, the Regents approved a restatement of CU's nondiscrimination statement regarding sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Read the restatement text. and check out our FAQs about the restatement.

Anonymous Reporting

For anonymous reporting of harassment, violence, abuse or hate, please visit
If you are a victim, please see this guide.

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