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Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer (Ph.D. Claremont Graduate School), Professor, Director of the World Affairs Conference, Director of the Farrand Academic Program, is the co-author of The Films of Joseph Losey (with Michael Riley, Cambridge University Press, 1993), and a contributing editor to Literature/Film Quarterly. Professor Palmer is the recipient of many teaching awards, including the Presidential Teaching Scholar Award, the Teacher of the Year Award, and the Boulder Faculty Assembly Service Award. He has been the Film Studies Program Director, as well as Acting Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and has distinguished himself in service to the University on numerous administrative positions. His work has appeared in Literature/Film Quarterly, and Film Heritage among other journals. Professor Palmer has lectured extensively throughout the state and the nation on film, literature and psychology. He teaches courses on Humanities and Film, Jung, Film and Literature, Film and the Quest for Truth, and others. The Conference on World Affairs, which he directs, attracts scholars, artists and activists from the US and the World to the Boulder Campus every year.



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