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Don Yannacito

Don Yannacito(M.A. University of Colorado at Denver) Senior Instructor, has been teaching Beginning Super 8 film classes to new students in our program since 1978. In addition to teaching Super 8 filmmaking for over 26 years, Mr. Yannacito has also taught "The History of Avant-Garde Film" with Sally Dixon and a beginning 16mm production course. In his capacity as a film programmer and curator of the First Person Cinema Program, Mr. Yannacito has been bringing independent films and filmmakers to the University of Colorado for over 35 years. He has been a judge and reviewer on numerous panels for grants and fellowships, and has had some of his writing on the field published in Rolling Stock magazine and the Colorado Daily newspaper. Mr. Yannacito has also been a staff member of the Film Studies Program and assistant to the chair for over 30 years.



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