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Daniel BoordAlex Cox
(M.F.A., UCLA) is a narrative feature film director, screenwriter, and actor, from Liverpool, England. he studied film at Bristol University and at UCLA. Among his films are REPO MAN, SID & NANCY, WALKER, HIGHWAY PATROLMAN, REVENGERS TRAGEDY and SEARCHERS 2.0. He has worked in Nicaragua, Mexico, Spain, Holland, and Japan, and screened films in and out of competition at Venice, Cannes, Berlin, Tokyo, Rotterdam, Toronto and other festivals. His scripts and materials are archived at the National Media Museum in Bradford, England.

Alex Cox has also directed documentaries (including a biography of Kurosawa and a homage to the EMMANUELLE films), shorts, music videos, political election broadcasts, and stage plays, but no commercials.

He is the author of two film-related books, X FILMS (about making ten of his independent features) and TEN THOUSAND WAYS TO DIE (a chronological history of the Italian Western). He is working on a third film book, also about Westerns, and writes regularly for The Guardian and for Film Comment.

As Assistant Professor at CU, he has taught classes in production, screenwriting, and acting and directing for the camera. He has just completed a documentary, SCENE MISSING (about the making of Dennis Hopper's legendary unseen film, THE LAST MOVIE), and is preparing to shoot a feature adaptation of Harry Harrison's science fiction novel, BILL: THE GALACTIC HERO, with students from Film Studies and Theatre & Dance in front of and behind the camera.

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