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Fees that are assessed with your tuition:

General Student fees supporting Film Studies education are of two types: Critical Studies course fees and Film Production course fees. Critical Studies fees provide support for classroom film screenings, while Production fees support equipment replacement and repair, and maintenance of labs and other facilities.

  1. $85 per critical studies film course. Fees go towards renting and purchasing the 16mm films viewed in class.
  2. $210 per film production course (or $70 per credit hour). Fees go towards purchase and maintenance of equipment.
  3. BA students should expect a minimum of $650 in fees alone. BFA students should expect a minimum of $1,250 in fees alone.

Out of Pocket Expenses

BFA students will need an Apple Macintosh computer system which meets the requirements to run Final Cut Studio (FCS) software, a copy of Final Cut Studio and an external Firewire hard drive. The specifics are described in the Film Studies Program Required Computer Systems document.


  1. FILM 2000 has an estimated $400-$500 (film, developing, editing, equipment rental)
  2. FILM 2500 has an estimated $800-$1000 (film, developing, editing, equipment rental)
  3. FILM 3400 has an estimated $500-$1000 (depending on whether you use film or video)
  4. FILM 4500 has an estimated $2000-$5000 and up (depending on scale of the project)

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