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In order to better prepare BFA students for their future endeavors, as well as current course work in the art of cinema, the Film Studies Program at CU Boulder strongly recommends that Film Studies BFA students own a Multi-Core computer with a NVIDIA or ATI card with at least 512MB of video memory, a commercial video editing application (Avid, Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro) and a plug-in powered, desktop, Firewire hard drive. This system can be Macintosh or Windows, but to be compatible with the school's system Macintosh is preferred.

Film Studies Program Suggested Computer Systems

There are any number of ways to make your life easier as a CU Film Student.

Specifications of the recommended systems are subject to change without notice as new models become available. Generally, a computer purchased within the last 18 months will be a good choice.

The hard drive we recommend is at least a 500GB drive such as the "G-Drive" from G-Technology or any other firewire external except for LaCie drives.


The Buffalo Chip Computer Store in the CU Book Store can supply all computers, peripherals and software needed. The Buffalo Chip Computer Store offers these items or equivalent at substantial educational discounts that may be greater than what is available through the manufacturer on-line education site. Please check with The Buffalo Chip Computer Store for specials on computer hardware and software.

The Buffalo Chip Computer Store contact Information:

Location: Basement of the UMC
Phone: 303-492-3431 or 800-255-9168


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