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The BFA is a competitive degree program requiring an appliction and selection procedure. All students begin their Film Studies career declaring the Bachelor of Arts in Film as their major. Students wishing to declare a BFA in Film Studies--the Production track--as their major must first satisfy specific prerequisites. The mission of the BFA is to prepare artists who will be competitive as independent filmmakers. To that end, a central aim of our curriculum is to help prepare students for advanced graduate degrees beyond the BFA degree.

In addition to acquiring the skills to make creative films and video works, students completing the BFA degree will also acquire the ability to analyze and interpret films critically and to communicate such interpretations competently in essay form.

Students following the BFA track are strongly discouraged from taking three or more production focused classes per semester.

Virgil Grillo Memorial Grant in Film Production
BFA Track

The University of Colorado Film Studies Program is proud to announce the call
for applications for the Virgil Grillo Memorial Grant in Film Production. The fund
was established with gifts from several sources, including the Academy of Motion
Picture Arts and Sciences and The Learning Channel, thanks to the vision and
entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Virgil Grillo (1938-1994), Professor & Founder of the
University of Colorado-Boulder Film Studies Program.

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Top: Two or Three Things I Know About Ohio (Boord / Valdovino, 2002)


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