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Graduating in Four Years with a BFA

Consult the Four-Year Guarantee Requirements for information on eligibility. The concept of "adequate progress" as it is used here only refers to maintaining eligibility for the four-year guarantee; it is not a requirement for the major. To maintain adequate progress toward a BFA in film studies, students should meet the following requirements:

  • Declare and start the film studies major the first semester freshman year.
  • Complete FILM 1502 (3 credit hours), FILM 2000 (3 credit hours), and one lower or upper division critical studies course for 3 credits by the end of the third semester.
  • Complete the Literature and the Arts lower or upper division requirement (3 credit hours), and FILM 2500 (3 credit hours) by the end of the fourth semester.
  • Note: In order to graduate in four years, a student must be accepted into the BFA program on the first application. See "Admission to the BFA Program" for details of the application process.
  • Complete 3 credit hours of upper-division Literature and the Arts requirement (3 credit hours) and FILM 3051 and FILM 3061 (8 credit hours) by the end of the fifth semester.
  • Complete FILM 3400 (3 credit hours), 3515 (1 credit hour), 3525 (1 credit hour), and an additional 3 credit hours of upper-division critical studies elective requirements by the end of the sixth semester.
  • Complete two courses (6 credit hours) of production electives by the end of the seventh semester.
  • Complete 3 credit hours of FILM 4500 and 3 more credit hours of production electives by the end of the eighth semester.

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Graduating in 4 Years with a BFA

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