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Documentary Film: FILM 3012

Examines the international history of documentary film from its dominance in the early years of cinema to its present commercial renaissance.  Canonical moments in documentary history will be covered (eg. Flaherty, Grierson, direct cinema, etc.), along with theoretical and political issues such as: How does documentary differ from other kinds of film? How do documentaries construct
reality? What counts as knowledge in documentary, and how is that different from opinion? How does ideology function in documentary film?

Excavation Filmmaking (topic): FILM 4010 / ARTF 5010

Moving-Image Production course that combines research and ambitious field trips to produce short films and videos that emerge from an intense engagement with the past, present, and future of the world around us.

Cinema Production 2: Documentary Option: FILM 4500 / ARTF 5500

This course will concentrate on the documentary form.

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