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BFA Application Procedure

Prerequisites to Admission

  1. You must have a cumulative GPA for all coursework at CU-Boulder of 2.750
  2. You must pass FILM 1502 (Introduction to Film Studies) and FILM 2000 (Beginning Filmmaking) or FILM 2300 (Beginning/Intermediate Filmmaking) with an average GPA of 3.150 (i.e., a “B” average).
  3. You must pass FILM 1502, FILM 2000 or FILM 2300, and FILM 2500 (Intro to Cinematography) with an average GPA of at least 3.400 (i.e., a “B+” average).

Applicants who do not satisfy these prerequisites will not be considered, without exception.
NOTE: FILM 1502 and 2000 (or 2300) can be repeated in order to raise one’s grade average for the two classes to “B” or better. The “lower” grade(s) will not factor into the calculations of a minimum “B+” (3.300) average needed to become BFA FMST. However, all CU-Boulder classes factor into one’s major and cumulative GPAs. Also remember that FILM 1502 and 2000 are NOT repeatable for CU credit toward graduation.


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Required Orientation

All students are required to attend a BFA orientation meeting before turning in an application. These orientations will take place in late Sept., late Feb., and late June of each semester. Please contact your instructor or the main office for exact dates.

Should you plan on applying to the BFA program at the end of the semester, and your registration window opens before that time, you need to provisionally enroll in FILM 3400, if you wish to be considered for this class the following semester. Please contact the Program Assistant in ATLAS 327 to assist you ( The Program Assistant will provisionally enroll you. Failure to enroll in 3400 could result in scheduling problems with this class.


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