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Animation Production: FILM 2610

Includes analysis of independent and experimental animation and an introduction to various animation techniques (object, line, collage, sand or paint on glass, Xerox, cameraless, pixillation, etc.). Students produce exercise films and a final film exploring these techniques.

Experimental Digital Animation: FILM 3620

Instructs students in the making of digital animation. Covers the use of the exposure sheet, frame series manipulation, digital motion techniques, and an analysis of pertinent films. Emphasis is on digital tools to create individual, personal, or experimental animated works. This course includes experimental techniques of transfer between digital media and film.

Cinema Alternative Processes: FILM 3030

Students learn to process motion picture film in order to gain creative control over the cinematic image. Topics include negative, reversal, and print processing. Students will also be exposed to both the contact and optical printers through hands on activities. Alternative photographic processes are explored in order to relate them to the moving image. Students are encouraged to approach film as an art form and focus on creative control of image quality in order to explore new forms of visual expression.

Independent Study

Advanced students use experience gained through their experimentation in the Animation Triad to produce a single complete work of film animation. Students will work one-on-one with an animation instructor for critique and guidance and will have access to the tools and facilities typically restricted to students in the animation classes.

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