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Degree Requirements

A minimum of 30 semester hours must be completed (6 of these may be used to satisfy requirements for both the BA and MA: a 4000-level History/Critical Theory course in another art/humanities discipline, and ARTF 5004, Film Topics).  Students will go through a mid-program review during the second semester of their senior year.  By this time students must have taken 3 credit hours of History/Criticism Theory at the 4000-level in another art or humanities discipline (from list of History/Criticism Theory courses), and ARTF 5004.  In the first semester of the fifth year, they will fulfill their Theory & Critical Methodology requirement (ARTF 5024 or 5604, or ARTF 5004-Topics in Film Theory, with a second topic), and will also take two ARTF courses with a critical focus.  They will also present and get approval of their thesis prospectus, constitute their thesis committee and fulfill 3 of the required thesis hours.  During the second semester of the fifth year, they will take three ARTF critical focus courses, and fulfill the remaining 3 hours of thesis credit.  Students will complete and submit their theses (in fulfillment of all graduate college requirements) by the end of the fifth year.  Once the principal advisor has accepted the thesis, the final requirement will be an oral examination focusing on its subject matter.

Recommended sequence
*6 hours overlap between B.A. and M.A. (6 hours will count toward both degrees)c (120 hours required for B.A.; 30 hours required for M.A. With 6-hour overlap, 144 hours required for B.A.M.A.) See 5th year course pattern on next page.


B.A. requirements

M.A. requirements

1st year

FILM 1502


2nd year

FILM 3051, FILM 3061   


3rd year

FILM 3104, two UD FILM courses

4000-level Hist/Crit Theory course in another art/humanities discipline* [3 hrs.]

4th year

two UD FILM courses
(Lit. & the Arts Core courses)

ARTF 5004*
[3 hrs.]

5th year


  • Two Theory/Crit. Methodology courses from: ARTF 5024 / 5604 / 5004 (Film TheoryTopics) w/second topic [6 hrs.],
  • Four ARTF courses (6 hours of this may be ind. study) [12 hrs],
  • 6 hrs. thesis (3 hrs. in fall and 3 hrs. in spring) [6 hrs.]



Program Description
Degree Requirements
Film Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder
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