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The Film Studies/Art & Art History Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts critical studies degree gives highly-motivated BA students the opportunity to earn an MA degree using an accelerated undergraduate program in combination with a fifth year of study.

BA/MA in Film Studies/Art History:

The BA/MA degree in Film Studies (FS) is a critical studies track under the auspices of the Art and Art History (AAH) MA program. This collaboration between AAH with FS is an extension of our common interests in visual art and grows from our current shared MFA in Filmmaking. The Film Studies tenured and tenured track faculty also has graduate faculty standing within Art and Art History.

The FS /AAH BA/MA track prepares students for professional careers in teaching & criticism, from the perspective of innovative critical approaches and in preparation for a Ph.D. track at another university. The aim of the BA/MA Film program is to aid in the advancement of the scholarly understanding of film art, with emphasis on theoretical and research approaches and their role in academia.  The BA/MA will, therefore, prepare our graduates to assume the responsibilities of the academic study of cinema as one of the fine arts and to pursue careers in teaching, research, curating, and the overall advancement of the study of cinema as art.

The program offers studies leading to the M.A. in the areas of film criticism & theory.  Advanced students are encouraged to explore interdisciplinary approaches as well as to enhance their program of study with cognate courses in other departments such as History, Comparative Literature, Anthropology, English, Women's Studies, Ethnic Studies, Spanish & Portuguese, French & Italian, Germanic & Slavic languages and literatures and others.  Film Studies offers a broad selection of seminar topics on their current faculty research interests and in response to student demand.  The Visiting Film Artist program brings additional distinguished, innovative film & video artists and critics to campus and students are encouraged to register for their seminars.

Admission to the program:

  1. Admission to the program occurs during the second semester of the junior year.  Applicants should have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.3 and have completed all MAPS deficiencies. All candidates will provide a copy of their (internal) CU transcript. (Please note: Applicants should specify on the form that they are applying for the spring term, BA/MA degree, major codes AS-FLM2 and GR-ART). After completing the top portion of the form, the student should make an appointment with the Director, Professor Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz .

  2. The sole application deadline is the second Monday in October. Please submit the standard BAMA application form with your package.

  3. Students will secure the sponsorship and/or advisory commitment of a Film Studies faculty member at the rank of assistant professor or higher. The applicant will include a brief letter or statement from the Faculty member attesting to the advisory relationship.

  4. Applicants will submit a one-page prospectus detailing a possible research topic for an MA thesis. The prospectus must include a minimum bibliography of 10-15 items.

  5.  "October Surprise": Applicants must successfully complete a writing assignment in the form of a 10-12 page analytical/theoretical or historical argument paper on a film determined by the faculty. Students will pick up a DVD and a "prompt" or question in the Film Studies office at 4pm on the Friday before the application is due. Over the weekend, the applicants must watch the movie, do some research, make an argument, and write the paper, which will be handed in with the application Monday at 9am. The “October surprise” portion of the application process is designed to have students demonstrate their writing skills and their ability to find, define, and argue a topic in a fairly sophisticated manner for an aspiring Master's student.

  6. Only currently enrolled, University of Colorado-Boulder students, may be considered for admission to the program. Transfer students must complete at least 24 credit hours as a degree-seeking student before applying to the program.

  7. Students enrolled in the BAMA track cannot pursue a double major or double degree of any kind.

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