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The BA in Film Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder emphasizes the critical study of film as an art form. The critical studies BA is designed to give students a solid knowledge of the history and aesthetics of international film, as well as exposure to the various methodological approaches of cinema studies as an academic discipline. Like many programs in the Arts and Humanities, the BA Program in Film Studies aims more broadly to teach two fundamental skills: critical thinking and writing ability. These skills are developed in our program specifically through the examination of films, but they are also broadly useful well beyond the realm of film studies.

The relationship between critical studies and film production is complementary. Most of our BA students take some film production courses, and all of our BFA students must take critical studies courses. Our program adheres to the philosophy that it’s crucial to understand the history and aesthetics of your medium, whether one is a filmmaker, an editor, a screenwriter, or a writer of film criticism. We encourage our students to be well-read and knowledgeable about film history, aesthetics, and theory, which allows them to make informed decisions regarding their artistic and intellectual choices.

A BA in Film Studies prepares students for a wide range of career possibilities following graduation. Many CU Boulder Film Studies BA graduates have gone on to careers in the film industry as writers, producers, and developers, in production and post-production, or in film archives. See our alumni page for some specific examples. Others have gone on to attend graduate school in Film Studies or other Arts and Humanities programs at numerous prestigious universities. The BA degree in Film Studies gives students a solid background in critical thinking and writing, skills that serve students well in any career they choose.

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SECRET STORY (Janie Geiser, 1996)



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