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 University of Colorado, Boulder

Film Studies Program
ATLAS room 329
Film Studies, Campus Box 316
Univ. of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0316

Main Office:  303-492-7574
FAX:  303-492-1362

Don Yannacito

Don Yannacito, General Professional V
Assistant to the Director

Clint Culley

Rhonda McCuan, Film Studies Main Office
Program Assistant I
(303.492.7574, ), ATLAS 327


Larisa Netterlund, Film Studies Advisor

Pablo Kjolseth

Pablo Kjolseth, General Professional III /
Instructional  support
International Film Series Director
(303.492.4494, )

Andrew Busti, Media Specialist IV
Kage Manager
(303.492.1533, )
S_Schroeder Scott Schroeder, Media Specialist I
Associate Kage Manager
(303.492.1533, )
Grant Speich, Media Specialist I
Kage Assitant, Associate Projectionist
J Barreras Jacob Barreras, Media Specialist I
Head Academic Projectionist
(303/492-7742, )
Denise Larsoon

Victor Jendras -- Lecturer, Media Specialist I,
Senior Associate Projectionist,
Equipment Maintenance,
Website Support
(303.492.0588, ATLAS 345 )

Film Studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder
Film Studies Program, ATLAS room 329, Film Studies, , Campus Box 316, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado 80309-0316. ph 303.492.7574 fx 303.492.1362