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Link to Information on CU Faculty Benefits:

Links to Other University Faculty Benefits Sites:

For the complete list of AAU peer institutions, please see the Office of Planning, Budget, and Analysis at the University of Colorado, Boulder:

*denotes institutions not determined by the Office of PBA to be peer institutions

Other Faculty Benefits sites in Colorado:
*Adams State College:
*Colorado School of Mines:
*Metropolitan State College of Denver:

*Colorado State University:

*University of Colorado at Colorado Springs:
*University of Colorado at Denver:
*University of Denver:
*University of Northern Colorado:

*University of Southern Colorado:

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Faculty Benefits Sites of other Big Twelve Universities:

*Baylor University:

Iowa State University:
*Kansas State University:

University of Kansas:

University of Missouri at Colombia:

University of Nebraska at Lincoln:

*Oklahoma State University:

*University of Oklahoma:
*Texas A&M University:
*Texas Tech University:
University of Texas at Austin:

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Faculty Benefits Sites of AAU and other institutions:
University of Arizona at Tuscon:

*Auburn University:

Brandeis University:

Brown University:

California Institute of Technology:

University of California at Berkeley:

University of California at Davis:

University of California at Irvine:

University of California at Los Angeles:

University of California at San Diego:
University of California at Santa Barbara:
Carnegie Mellon University:§ionID=121&message=&lvl1=1&lvl2=0&lvl3=0&lvl4=0&lvl5=0&lvl6=0
Case Western Reserve University:
The Catholic University of America:
University of Chicago:
Columbia University:
Cornell University:

Duke University:

Emory University:

University of Florida:
Harvard University:

University of Illinois at Champagne-Urbana:

Indiana University at Bloomington:

University of Iowa:

The Johns Hopkins University:

Massachutes Institute of Technology:

University of Maryland at College Park:

McGill University:
Michigan State University:

University of Michigan at Ann Arbor:

University of Minnesota at Twin Cities:

New York University:
State University of New York at Buffalo:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

Northwestern University:

*Notre Dame University:

Ohio State University:
University of Oregon:

Pennsylvania State University:

University of Pennsylvania:

University of Pittsburg:
Princeton University:

Purdue University:

Rice University:
University of Rochester:
Rutgers, State University of New Jersey:
University of Southern California:

Stanford University:

Syracuse University:
University of Toronto:
Tulane University:
University of Utah:

University of Virginia:

University of Washington:

University of Wisconsin at Madison:
Vanderbilt University:
Washington University in St. Louis:

Yale University:

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