Faculty Expectations for Students

at the University of Colorado at Boulder



Approved by the Boulder Faculty Assembly

February 5, 2004



















Developed by the Boulder Faculty Assembly Ad Hoc Committee

Faculty Expectations for Students


Frederick Denney,

David DiLaura,

Darna Dufour,

Sam Fitch,

Margaret Kraus,

Jeffry Mitton,

Uriel Nauenberg (Chair),

Robert Schulzinger,

William Wei

Barbara Bintliff (ex.off.),







Students at the University of Colorado at Boulder have the opportunity to study and learn in a setting of great natural beauty.  The University of Colorado community welcomes people from all walks of life and from diverse backgrounds, from across the country and around the world, uniting them in their passion for knowledge and learning, and in their appreciation for the many attractions in Boulder.


Those who enjoy the privilege of higher education have both rights and responsibilities as members of the University community.  At the University of Colorado at Boulder, foremost among your rights are:


  • To be challenged intellectually and to challenge your instructors to provide the most up-to-date knowledge and effective teaching.


  • To be allowed to pursue an education free from discrimination based on race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation or veteran status.


  • To be given clearly communicated instructions for the completion of each course. 


  • To be informed of the specific and definite requirements for earning a degree.


  • To be evaluated fairly on the basis of merit.


  • To be treated with civility and respect by all members of the University community. 



The faculty of the University of Colorado at Boulder expects you to be responsible members of the University as well as the larger community of which it is part.  The faculty holds each of you to the highest behavioral and ethical standards--standards that, when met, will help ensure your success in higher education and will lay a strong foundation for your future.  In particular, the faculty affirms the following expectations as central to the educational experience:


  • You are expected to abide by the Honor Code.  The academic community cannot function without the basic trust that all its members uphold certain principles of conduct.  Academic dishonesty in any form undermines this trust and will be sanctioned accordingly.




  • You are expected to take responsibility for making the most of the educational opportunities at the University.  You should work with your advisor to design courses of study that lend focus and coherence to your academic experience, that spur intellectual curiosity, and that permit you to graduate in a timely fashion.


  • You can expect to be challenged in the quality and quantity of assigned work and in classroom discussion.  You should understand the requirements for each class, come to class prepared to engage in learning the course material, complete the assignments, and be prepared to learn from your successes and failures.


  • You are expected to seek out opportunities afforded by a research university to engage in research and creative work.  We encourage you to explore new interests and to read and study widely about the world in which we live.


  • You are expected to become involved in the myriad opportunities for learning outside the classroom.  The University and the Boulder-Denver metropolitan area offer a rich and varied menu of cultural, scientific, recreational, and civic events.  You have the opportunity to engage in athletics, service learning, volunteer work, and to develop personal skills while contributing to the larger community.


  • You are a member of the University community.  Your actions thus reflect on the University, and on other students in particular.  You are expected to behave in accordance with applicable laws and University policies, including those on drugs and alcohol abuse.  Those of you who act irresponsibly, or with disregard for the rights of others, will be sanctioned appropriately.


  • The University is a diverse community of people from different backgrounds and perspectives.  Living in this environment means being open to challenge and to dialogue, within a framework of civility and mutual respect, with those who have different values and beliefs.


  • You are expected to seek assistance from the University community when you need it.  You are encouraged to ask for help from the faculty as appropriate.



Being a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder is one of the most important steps you will take in preparing yourself for the future.  We encourage and expect you to make the maximum effort to take full advantage of the resources the University has to offer.