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BFA Election Spring, 2013

List of Eligible BFA members at the April 4th BFA Election Meeting

The list of those eligible to be nominated for BFA Officer positions, at-large Executive Committee positions, and Committee positions appears below.

This list may be updated in near future, with additional names, as several departments have not yet decided who their BFA representatives will be next year. The BFA Office will update this webpage as soon as possible, as those units make their final decisions.

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NAME BFA position phone email Committee (term end)
Bahoora, Haytham Asian Lang/Civ 2-6639 BFALC (Senate 2014)
Carey, Greg Psychology 2-1658 BFA ExCom At-Large
Chinowsky, Paul ENGR-CEAE 5-1063 BFA Vice Chair
Dusinberre, Elspeth at-large Humanities 5-5550 BFALC (2014)
Robert Ferry (HIST) At-Large any 2-1698
Foo, Maw Der Business 5-5423 B&P (2015)
Gautam, Sanjay History 2-5050 Sanjay.Gautam@Colorado.EDU DIV (2014 Senate)
Goodrum, Sarah Sociology
Grace, Carmen French/Ital. 2-5768 BFA Secretary
Graves, Phil Economics 2-6394 Bylaws (2013)
Grove, Vicki German/Slavic/LL 2-8226 FACaff (2014)
Gunther, John Music 5-1492 SAC (2014)
Heisler, Ruth Physiology 2-5678 Academic Aff (2014)
Horno-Delgado, Asunción Spanish 2-6450 FCB (2014)
Jelacic, Matt Envrnmnt'l Design 917-407-7354
Jobe, Peggy Libraries 2-4682 BFA ExCom At-Large
Kantha, Lakshmi ENGR-ASEN 2-3014 AAC 2013
Kassoy, Dave Retired Faculty 2-6066 Excom
Kaufman, Dan Philosophy 5-3101 ATHL (2014)
Kelsey, Penny English 2-6773 DIV (2014)
Kim, Hun Shik Journalism 2-0324
King, Roger ENGR-CSCI 2-7398 AAP 2016 Senate
Klymkowsky, Mike MCD Biology 2-8508 SAC 2014 Senate
Laguna, Manuel Business 2-6368 N&E (2014)
Lee, Se-Hee ENGR-MCEN 2-7889 DIV (2014)
McCartney, John S.(CEAE) At-Large any 2-0470 John.Mccartney@Colorado.EDU FCB (2014)
Meiss, Jim Applied Math 2-3731 BFALC 2015 Senate
Mewes, Horst (PSCI) At-Large any 2-6184 horst.mewes@Colorado.EDU
Mishra, Shivakant (CSCI) At-Large any 2-4686 AST 2014 Senate
Mueller, Karl Geology 2-7336 Bylaws (2014)
Muir, Carrie Instructor 2-7180 AAC (Senate 2014)
Nauman, Robert Instructor 5-6191 BFALC (2015 Senate)
Nevelow Mart, Susan (LAW) At-Large any 2-1233 AAP (2014)
Norgaard, Rolf Writing/rhetoric 2-3605 ITFAC (2015 Senate)
Norris, Adam (MATH) At-Large any 2-7566 ITFAC (2014)
Pierpont, Cortlandt Chem/Biochem 2-8420
Piket-May, Melinda ENGR-ECEN 2-7448 DIV (Senate 2015)
Rabaka, Reiland At-Large Social Sci. 2-2507 DIV (2014 Senate)
Ramirez, Karen At-large othr small A&S 2-6042 AST (2014)
Richter, Antje Asian Lang/Civ 2-6639 BFALC (Senate 2014)
Ritzwoller, Michael Physics 2-7075 FCB (2015 Senate)
Rozelle, David ROTC 2-6499 SAC (2014)
Rudy, Jerry (PSYC) At-Large any 2-3306 B&P (2014 Senate)
Spielman, Seth Geography 2-4877 B&P (2014)
Stark, Ted Theatre/Dance 2-8552 FAC (2014)
Sweetman, Alex Art & Art Hist. 2-1473
Taylor, Bryan (COMM) At-Large any 2-8738 BFALC (2014 Senate)
Walter, Marty Mathematics 2-8544 FACAff (2016 Senate)
Weiss, Jeff At-Large Natural Sci 2-7263 AST (2015 Senate)
Young, Wendy ENGR-CHBE 2-8721 SAC (2016 Senate)
vacancy APS
vacancy At-Large Social Sciences
vacancy At-large Humanities
vacancy Anthropology
vacancy Eco./Evo. Bio
vacancy Education
vacancy Law
vacancy Math
vacancy Music
vacancy Political Science
Vacancy Research faculty
Vacancy Research faculty
vacancy Retired Faculty      


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