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BFA Election Spring, 2013

Statement of Paul Chinowsky, Candidate for BFA Chair

Faculty governance can achieve significant gains when the diverse populations that comprise the campus work together on common issues.  However, the possibility of significant gains rapidly disappears when individual concerns, institutional boundaries, and territorial concerns override important goals.  In the case of the Boulder campus, it is time for faculty to rally around a simple concept – The Faculty Matter.  The faculty is the heart of this university.  The faculty comprises the individuals who are focused on the long-term reputation of the university, the education of the students, and the new discoveries and insights that create a dynamic academic environment.  In summary, the faculty is charged with ensuring that CU-Boulder continues to evolve and stay relevant in a global environment.

I believe one of BFA’s primary missions is to be an active and respected partner in the development of University policy that benefits all University constituencies.  My reason for running for Chair of the Boulder Faculty Assembly is to reestablish this partnership and set a strong foundation for the BFA to continue in this role.  I intend to use my experience in BFA and with Faculty Council to establish a bold and aggressive plan of action for the BFA. I will focus the BFA on moving forward a proactive agenda of issues that are of concern to the faculty.  I will have the BFA put forth a short list (5 to 10 points) of issues that we intend to address as partners with the administration.  I expect that this list will include tough issues such as faculty teaching loads, the role of on-line education, the recruiting of top students (both in and out of state), the role of athletics, campus communications and governance structure.  We may not solve every issue, but I can assure every member of the faculty that it is my goal to bring the tough issues to the forefront of every meeting and discussion.

Every part of our diverse faculty deserves to be heard – instructors, tenure-track and tenured faculty, research faculty, and research professionals.  Every member of the faculty deserves to feel like they are an important and valued component of the institution.  Every member of the faculty deserves to come to work each day secure in the knowledge that this is an inclusive and supportive environment.  BFA members are elected by their constituents to help ensure this is the environment that exists at all times at CU-Boulder. 

As Chair of the BFA, I will work to make the BFA a venue where serious and substantive issues are brought forward, discussed, and actions taken.  Faculty governance is a shared task, but this occurs only when there is mutual respect between administration and faculty.  The role of the BFA is to be a partner with the administration.  However, this requires the faculty to bring issues to the table.  The BFA has for too long been a reactive body.  I will bring the BFA back to its role of an equal partner in shared governance while demonstrating to every constituency that The Faculty Matter.

Paul Chinowsky, Professor, Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Candidate for Chair


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