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BFA Student Affairs Committee

"The Student Affairs Committee shall address issues pertaining to student affairs, including student judicial affairs, housing, student activities, student government and non-academic services for students." BFA Standing Rules, Article V, Section 1(l).

Committee Resources:

2013-2014 Committee Roster

Name Committee Seat Unit CB PH E-MAIL term exp
Mike Dunn BFA Rep MUSC 301 5-1598 michael.dunn-1@Colorado.EDU 1 2015
David Rozelle, Ltc BFA Rep ROTC 370 2-6499 1 2014
Jackie Elliott
Masano Yamashita
A & S Rep CLAS / FRIT 248


Jackie.Elliott@Colorado.EDU / Masano.Yamashita@Colorado.EDU 1 2015
VACANT A & S Rep        
Steve Vanderheiden (2013) A & S Rep PSCI 333 2-7440 2 2016
Vacncy Other Units Rep            
Wendy Young Other Units Rep CHBE-E 424 2-8721 2 2016
Meg Moritz Other Units Rep JRNL 478 2-1610 marguerite.moritz@Colorado.EDU 1 2015
Kate Allison Grad student rep UGGS    
TBD Undergrad rep CUSG          
  Resource member            
  Resource - BFA Diversity Cmte            
Deb Coffin Interim VC Student Affairs - XO VCSA 31        

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2012-2013

Report on BFA Student Affairs Committee activities for the 2012-2013 Academic Year.

Following on from last year’s report, we successfully passed through BFA a resolution that accepts the changes to the Honor Code for the Boulder campus.  These changes address the issued that concerned the BFA about previous wording of the Constitution and Procedure document. 

The other major business addressed by the committee was the advisability of BFA taking a stand on curricular issues from the student perspective. We have produced a draft of a “will of the BFA” document in support of a Coherent Curriculum Initiative at UC Boulder.  The main themes of this initiative were present to a meeting of the full BFA in the Fall semester.  Following discussion in the executive committee, SAC has begun collaborative discussions with the Faculty Affairs committee to consider implications and wording of the motion.

[Click here for more information about the coherent curriculum initiative.]

Annual Report 2011-2012

The major pressing issue before the Committee was dealing with the issues surrounding the BFA’s approval of the Honor Code Constitution and Procedures.  The committee met both physically and via email, and agreed on two major revisions.  The first is clear rules associated with faculty notification of pending Honor Code hearings (in particular, that such hearings must be postponed if the involved faculty member cannot, but wants to attend).  The second was the clear and unambiguous clarification that faculty and only faculty are responsible for grades. 

Subsequent discussions led to clarification that issues where faculty are suspected of unprofessional or capricious behavior should be addressed not by the Honor Council, but through Departmental Chairs and College Deans. 

We have received a revised version of the Honor Code Constitution and Procedures, but I have asked for (but not received) a version in which “track changes” has been used to indicate where those changes occurred.  I have, however, produced such a document, which contains language that meets the committee’s requirements.  

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