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BFA Budget and Planning Committee

"The Budget and Planning Committee shall participate actively with the appropriate administrative officers in all substantive steps in and aspects of the development, implementation, and modification of the campus budget and the budget of the Academic Affairs division. These include participating in the activities of the Campus Budget Committee and the Academic Affairs Budget Advisory Committee. The Committee shall review Assembly notices of motion and resolutions that may have budgetary impact prior to the final vote on such notices of motion and resolutions. The Committee may initiate special budgetary studies and analyses relating to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the University of Colorado at Boulder. One or more members shall also serve on the Faculty Council Budget Committee." BFA Standing Rules, Article V, Section 1(d)

Budget and Planning Committee Annual Report 2012-2013

 The highlights of the committee’s work are summarized below.

  1. This year Kelly Fox, the Campus’ new C.F.O., attended every meeting of the Committee. Our dialogue with Kelly was candid, cooperative, and productive.
  2. Early in the year the Campus’ relatively low enrollment created fiscal challenges in the current year.  The Chancellor then announced in his State-of-the-Campus address that the BFA Budget and Planning Committee would have a strong role in working through those challenges. 
  3. In working through the causes of this year’s budget shortfall, the Committee considered various opportunities and plans regarding enrollment.  As a result of those discussions the Campus discovered an opportunity to reach out to Colorado’s top high school students, to encourage them to apply to CU.  Those discussions may also have been the genesis of the C.F.O.’s plan to develop UCB’s new Esteemed Scholars Program.
  4. The Committee also heard several reports from Campus leaders about their units, and held candid and constructive discussions with them about challenges that the Committee might help them analyze and resolve by providing a faculty perspective. Guests included Chief Information Officer Larry Levine; Dean of Arts and Sciences Steve Leigh; Vice Chancellor for Administration Louise Vale; Executive Director of Facilities Management Steve Thweatt; Director of Budget Services Erika Smith; and H.R. Director Candice Bowen. 

A general theme of the Committee’s discussion on budgetary matters is that most faculty are not aware that the Campus must make choices with regard to budget matters without always looking at all the possible alternatives, but that Kelly Fox is very interested in hearing from the BFA about ideas for budgetary investment in future years. She has reported that she will work with the incoming BFA Chair and the Committee on mechanics for how to ensure the faculty’s choices are part of the budgetary decision-making process.

 Jerry W. Rudy, Chair

Committee Resources:

2013-2014 Committee Roster

Name Committee Seat Unit CB PH E-MAIL term # Exp
Maw Der Foo BFA Rep BUSN 419 5-5423 1 2014
Seth Spielman BFA Rep GEOG 260 2-4877 1 2014
Jerry Rudy A&S Rep PSYC 354 2-3306 2 2014
John Cumalat A&S Rep PHYS 390 2-0297 3 2014
Monika Fleshner - CHAIR A&S Rep IPHY 354 2-1483 1 2015
Michele Jackson Other Units Rep COMM 270 2-8139 Temp 2014
Susan Nevelow-Mart Other Units Rep LAW 401 2-1233 Temp 2014
Bill Emery Other Units Rep ENGR 429 2-8591 1 2016
Vacant BFA Comp. & Bene Cmte Chair            
Joanna Hubbard Grad student rep UGGS 207 2-5068    
Uriel Nauenberg Resource PHYS 390 2-7715    
Jinks Cooper Resource PHYS 390 2-7813 / 2-3352    
Caroline Himes Resource LASP 590 5-0389    
Vacant Faculty Council B&P Cmte            
William Kaempfer Resource, Vice Provost, B&P VC AA 40 2-6923    
Vacant Ex-Officio - ASC Budget Cmte            
Kelly Fox Ex-Officio - Sr. VC and CFO PBA 15 2-8631 / 2-0996    

Committee Meeting Schedule

Location: Regent Hall (basement), PBA Conference Room, 1B25 (unless otherwise noted)

Time: FRIDAYS, 8:00-9:30 a.m.
Fall, 2014: Spring, 2015: Meetings will be from 8:30 - 10 am in PBA Conference Room, 1B29

9/19 (1B27)


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