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BFA Ad Hoc Committee on Status of Instructors

Formed October 1, 2009.

Charge to Committee

Committee Report and Recommendations

Committee Roster
Name Title Unit CB PH E-MAIL
Greg Carey Associate Professor PSYC 345 2-1658 Gregory.Carey@Colorado.EDU
Antonia Green Instructor SPAN 278 5-6330 Greenam@Colorado.EDU
Susan Kent Professor HIST 234   Susan.Kent@Colorado.EDU
Rolf Norgaard
Senior Instructor PWR 317 2-3605 Rolf.Norgaard@Colorado.EDU
Michael Main Associate Professor CSCI 430   main@Colorado.EDU
Claudia Mills Associate Professor PHIL 232 2-8355 Claudia.Mills@Colorado.EDU
Derek Reamon Instructor MCEN 522 5-0484 Derek.Reamon@Colorado.EDU
Todd Stafford Senior Instructor LAW 401 5-5090 Todd.Stafford@Colorado.EDU
Bill Kaempfer Vice Provost   40 2-6923 William.Kaempfer@Colorado.EDU
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