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BFA Academic Affairs Committee

"The Academic Affairs Committee shall address matters of academic planning, practices and standards of the Boulder campus, and shall participate in all academic planning, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, that pertains to the Boulder campus. This includes the areas of admissions, enrollment, financial aid and advising. The Committee shall propose such specific planning activities as it deems appropriate. The Committee shall concern itself with undergraduate scholarships and awards made on the Boulder campus, and, in cooperation with the Faculty Senate Committee on Educational Policy and University Standards, shall consider all matters pertaining to academic standards, including admission policies and the effect of elementary and secondary school practices on the University. One or more members of the Academic Affairs Committee shall also serve on the Faculty Senate Committee on Educational Policy and University Standards. The Committee shall monitor the activities of the Program Review Panel (PRP) and, based on PRP reports, shall annually review and report on the overall progress of the campus in achieving its academic goals. The Committee shall serve as the campus review committee for purposes of evaluating programs recommended for discontinuance. " BFA Standing Rules, Article V, Section 1(a).

Academic Affairs Committee's Annual Reports

  • 2012-2013: The Academic Affairs Committee merged with the Faculty Affairs Committee on a trial basis in 2012-2013. Please see the Faculty Affairs Committee's page for an annual report.
  • 2011-2012 - Click here to download the Academic Affairs Committee Annual Report for 2011-2012 (pdf).

Committee Resources:

Name Committee Seat Unit CB PH E-MAIL Term Exp
Vacant BFA Rep            
Ruth Heisler BFA Rep IPHY 354 2-5678 1 2014
Stephen Mojzsis A&S Rep GEOL 399 2-5014 Temp 2014
Valerio Ferme A&S Rep FRIT 238 2-7870 Temp 2014
Matt McQueen A&S Rep IPHY 354 5-5158 Temp 2014
Sedat Biringen Other Units Rep ASEN 429 2-2760 2 2014
Fernando Rosario Other Units Rep CEAE 428 2-7607 Temp 2014
Tad Pfeffer - Chair Other Units Rep INSTAAR 450 2-3480 2 2014
Vacant Other Units Rep            
Nicole Comer Undergrad student rep CUSG    
John Lurquin Grad student rep UGGS    
  VC for Academic Affairs Faculty Affairs          

Committee Meeting Schedule

Meeting dates, times, and locations:

Fall, 2013:

Oct 23 9am Uclub 106 (972 Broadway)
Nov 13 9am Uclub 106
Dec 4 9am Uclub 106
Dec 18 9am Uclub 106



Spring, 2014:

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