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BFA Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

"The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee shall monitor all aspects of the Intercollegiate Athletics Department as they are related to the academic mission of the Boulder Campus, and make recommendations for changes to programs and policies. The Committee shall have three ex officio members: the Faculty Athletic Representative to the Big 12 Conference [ now the PAC-12 ] and the NCAA, the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, and the Intercollegiate Athletics coordinator of academic programs. Other employees of the Athletics Department and student athletes may be asked to serve as resource personnel for the Committee. Two or more members of the Committee shall serve on the campus Academic Policy Board." BFA Standing Rules, Article V, Section 1(i).

Intercollegiate Athletics Committee Annual Reports (pdf)

Committee Resources:

2013-2014 Committee Roster

Name Committee Seat Unit CB PH E-MAIL Term Exp
Cort Pierpondt BFA Rep CHEM 215 2-8420 1 2015
vacancy BFA Rep            
Bob Ferry A&S Rep HIST 234 2-1698 1 2016
Joe Jupille - CHAIR A&S Rep PSCI 333 2-5445 1 2015
Scott Adler A&S Rep PSCI 333 2-6659 2 2014
Bob Sievers Other Units Rep GRAD 214 2-7943 3 2014
Helen Norton Other Units Rep LAW 401 2-5751 2 2014
Steve Jones Other Units Rep JOUR 478 2-8919 3 2014
Joey Hubbard Grad student rep UGGS 207 2-5068    
TBD Undergrad rep CUSG          
Arielle Roberson Student Athlete Rep    
Dave Clough Ex - Officio, Athl Dept Fac Rep VCAA 424 2-6638    
Rick George Ex - Officio, Athletics Director ATHL 372 2-7930 Rick.George@Colorado.EDU    
Ceal Barry Ex - Officio, Assc Athl Dir - Acad ATHL 372 2 6591    
Kris Livingston Ex - Officio, Assc Athl Dir - Acad ATHL 368 2-8717    
Julie Manning Resource, Compliance Dir. ATHL 372    


For additional meeting minutes and resources, please see

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