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Motions and Resolutions (from February 2004 to April 2011)

Click here for Motions and Resolutions prior to 2004.

Title Number Date Approved Intent Notes Administrative Response
Resolution to Establish a BFA Committee for Instructor-Track Faculty BFA-R-042811.2 April 28, 2011 To give instructors a venue within shared governance. The committee's website includes a roster of members and Committee charge. None needed
Bylaws Committee Resolution - to Amend the BFA Standing Rules to Reinstitute Standing Committee Composition Rules BFA-R-042811.1 April 28, 2011 To ensure fair distribution of representation.    
Diversity Committee Resolution - Motion on BFA Support for Issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  BFA-R-020311 March 3, 2011 To support faculty efforts to ensure diversity on campus.    
Executive Committee Resolution On Hiring a Football Coach Who Supports Academic Performance and Citizenship BFA-X-R-111510 November 15, 2010 To support academics in athletics.    
Resolution to create a BFA Ad-Hoc Committee on University Outreach BFA-R-120910 December 9, 2010 To promote the distribution of accurate information to people outside the University.    
Motion to Charge the BFA Ad Hoc Committee on Status of Instructors BFA-X-M-092809 October 1, 2009      
Motion to Adopt Administrator Appraisal Committee Policy Revisions BFA-X-M-088109 September 3, 2009 To clarify that verbatim comments are not included in the final reports.    
Motion to Approve the Revised Course-Overload Policy BFA-M-090309 Septemter 3, 2009      
Motion Regarding Faculty Rights with Program Discontinuance BFA-X--M-101209 March 4, 2010 To install prorated severance pay.    
Motion Regarding Senior Instructor’s Rights with Program Discontinuance When No Tenured or Tenure-track Faculty Face Dismissal BFA-X--M-113009.1 March 4, 2010 To ensure that instructors recieve a year of notice when their positions are terminated in program discontinuance.    
Motion Regarding Adoption of Updated Professional Rights and Duties Document BFA-X-M-113009.2 March 4, 2010      
Motion on Changing or Correcting the Status of Qualified and Non-qualified Dependents BFA-X-M-012510 March 4, 2010 To request that Payroll and Benefits provide a mechanism to revise employees' dependents' status during any month of the year.    
Motion to Amend the Bylaws BFA-X-M-020810.1 April 1, 2010 To allow Executive Committee members to run for a different seat on the committee after completing 2 terms in another seat.    
Motion to Amend the Standing Rules BFA-X-M-020810.2 April 1, 2010 To allow email voting.    
Motion to Endorse the Recommendations of the BFA Ad Hoc Committee on Instructor Status BFA-X-M-022210 April 1, 2010 Please see the attached motion: BFA-X-M-022210    
Resolution on Increased Flexibility for Research Salary Increases BFA-X-M-030810.1 April 29, 2010      
Motion Regarding the Policy on Class Conflicts and Club Sports BFA-X-M-030810.2 April 29, 2010      
Motion to Request Amendment of Honor Constitution I.2.c.ii. BFA-X-M-032910 April 29, 2010      
Motion Supporting a Weapon-Free University BFA-X-M-041910 April 29, 2010      
Motion Regarding Temporary Funding for the SILVER & GOLD RECORD BFA-M-X-051109.2 May 11, 2009      
Motion Regarding Elimination of the SILVER & GOLD RECORD BFA-M-X-051109.1 May 11, 2009      
Motion Regarding Class Conflicts BFA-X-M-033009 April 30, 2009      
Motion to Grandfather-In Representatives BFA-X-M-111008.3 Februrary 5, 2009      
Motion to Amend the Standing Rules BFA-X-M-111008.2 February 5, 2009      
Motion to Amend the Bylaws BFA-X-M-111008.1 February 5, 2009      
Motion to Update the COIA Report BFA-X-M-110308 February 5, 2009      
Support for Restricting Smoking on the Boulder Campus BFA-R-030608

May 1, 2008

Unit Level Grievance Procedures BFA-X-M-031708.2 May 1, 2008      
Establish a BFA Grievance Advisory Committee BFA-X-M-031708.1 May 1, 2008      
Amend the Bylaws and Standing Rules BFA-X-M-031008 May 1, 2008

Revised Bylaws and BFA Standing Rules after the Nov. 2008 review of representation. Changes include:

  • Increase elected BFA members from 49 to 59. 
  • Retire the "Museum" position.
  • Create two positions for research faculty.
  • Separate the "pool of Arts and Sciences small Departments" positions into separate seats for each A&S Division.

The next review is due in Senate Year 2013-2014.  
Resolution on New Faculty Retirement Policy BFA-X-R-121707 April 3, 2008      
Adopt the COIA Report BFA-X-M-020408 March 6, 2008      
Retiree Benefits BFA-X-M1-011408 March 6, 2008      
Presidental Search Procedure BFA-X-M2-020408 February 14, 2008      
CU Presidental Search BFA-M-021408 February 14, 2008      
Dependent Tuition BFA-X-M4-102907 December 11, 2007      
Review of BFA Representation BFA-X-M-102907 December 11, 2007      
Support "Focus the Nation" BFA-R-110107 November 1, 2007      
Accept the COIA Report BFA-M-090607 September 6, 2007      
Faculty Compensation and Benefits Committee Requesting Administration To Form Contigent Faculty Task Force BFA-M-050307 May 3, 2007      
Silver & Gold Record BFA-X-M-043007 May 3, 2007      
Grievance Procedures BFA-M-040507 May 3, 2007      
VC for Diversity, Equity, & Community Engagement be Tenurable BFA-X-R-040207 April 2, 2007      
Uniform Drop Date Policy BFA-R-120706 December 7, 2006      
Measuring & Enhancing Academic Rigor BFA-M-110206 November 2, 2006 To approve a report and authorize the BFA to seek implementation of its recommendations. Link to the report.  

Ethics Hotline Explanation (Presidents Response)

BFA-R-090706 September 18, 2006      
Motion to Allow Grade Appeals BFA-X-M-2-2706 February 27, 2006      
Motion to Amend BFA Standing Rules BFA-X-M-013006 January 30, 2006 Drop the "mail" requirement for secret balloting in elections.    
Resolution to Adopt Course Repetition BFA-X-R-112805 February 2, 2006      
Resolution on Annual Increase for Library Materials BFA-X-R-101705 December 1, 2005      
Executive Committee Moving Fall Break BFA-X-R-1031-05 November 3, 2005      
Resolution: Endorsement of APBA Recommendations BFA-X-R-1029-05 November 3, 2005      
Motion: Definition of an Undergraduate Credit Hour BFA-X-M-9-0105 September 1, 2005      
Support for Regent Carrigan's Resolution BFA-M-0505-05A May 5, 2005      
Substitute Motion: Compensation Recommendations BFA-M-0505-05B May 5, 2005      
Resolution: Approval of Faculty Council Recommendations from Disability Committee BFA-R-040705 April 7, 2005      
Resolution: Safe Campus Environment BFA-R-050304 May 6, 2004      
Resolution: Ratification of COIA Charter BFA-R-030404 March 4, 2004      
Resolution: Grievance Policy Review BFA-R-020504 February 5, 2004      
Resolution: Academic Freedom Affirmation BFA-R-0304 February 5, 2004      
Resolution: Commendation for S.H.E. BFA-R-0104 February 5, 2004      
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