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BFA Executive Committee Resolution BFAX-R-8-1299:
Meeting on GLB Issues with President Buechner

Boulder Faculty Assembly Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Affairs Committee
Resolution: Meeting on GLB issues with President John Buechner

Be it resolved that the Boulder Faculty Assembly Executive Committee endorses Faculty Council's resolution in support of a letter requesting a meeting between the Faculty Council GLB committee and President Buechner regarding the inclusion of sexual orientation in CU's diversity statement and domestic partner benefits for CU faculty.

Notice of Resolution
to the BFA Executive Committee:
December 13, 1999
Notice of Resolution to BFA:
From BFA Committee:
Gay, Lesbian,and Bisexual Affairs
Approved by BFA Executive Committee::
December 13, 1999
Approved by BFA:
Forwarded to:
Faculty Council GLB Committee
Forward date
December 14, 1999

Addendum: click here to read the letter of December 13, 1999 to CU President John Buechner


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