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Motion BFA-X-M-1-0103: Boulder Valley School District Spring Break

Boulder Faculty Assembly
Executive Committee
Motion: Boulder Valley School District Spring Break


Whereas many students and teachers within the Boulder Valley School District who take courses on the Boulder campus during the academic year benefit from the long-established practice of synchronizing the vacation schedules of the Boulder schools and the CU-Boulder campus;

Whereas many of the faculty and staff at CU-Boulder who have children enrolled in BVSD schools would be seriously inconvenienced if the anticipated change to the school divisionís Spring Break schedule were to be enacted;

The Executive Committee of the Boulder Faculty Assembly asks that the Boulder Valley School Board reconsider its plans to reschedule the 2004 Spring Break, and urges the BVSD to maintain the long-standing practice by which Spring Break for Boulder Valley Schools coincides with the Spring Break on the CU-Boulder campus.

From BFA Committee:
  Committee on Women
Approved by the BFA Executive Committee:   January 27th, 2003