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BFA Resolution BFA-R-7-1299:
Student Fee Allocation

Boulder Faculty Assembly

Resolution: Student Fee Allocation


the current democratic process for the allocation of student fees supports academic freedom and the representation of diverse views,


the Boulder Faculty Assembly endorses the position adopted by UCSU in Section 1 of its 50th Legislative Council Resolution #108, passed on March 29, 1999:

"The University of Colorado Student Union wholeheartedly and emphatically stands behind our current system of mandatory student fees as a basic principle of student fee autonomy and campus free speech."

Notice of Resolution
to the BFA Executive Committee:
November 29, 1999
Notice of Resolution to the BFA:
  December 2, 1999
From BFA Committee:
Student Affairs
Approved by Executive Committee:
November 29, 1999
Approved by BFA:
  December 2, 1999
Forwarded to:
UCB Administration, Deans, Press
Forward date:
December 6, 1999


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