Boulder Faculty Assembly

BFA Resolution: Tragedy of September 11, 2001

Boulder Faculty Assembly
Executive Committee

Resolution: Tragedy of September 11, 2001



The tragedy of September 11, 2001 has

  • robbed America and many other nations of over 6,000 innocent citizens,
  • profoundly altered the lives of the families of these victims,
  • destroyed a large number of jobs and businesses upon which many Americans and other nationals depended for their income,
  • and created personal, emotional, and financial hardships on many other people,

Let it be resolved that:

The Boulder Faculty Assembly urges all CU faculty

  • to donate generously their money, time, blood, and any other suitable resources to charities of their choice that are assisting those directly affected by this catastrophe,
  • to engage in constructive efforts of a faculty memberís choice to make certain that such massive loss of innocent life does not occur in the future,
  • to promote civility and avoid unjust recriminations based on ethnic stereotyping both on and off campus,
  • and, recognizing that many faculty colleagues, administrators, staff, and students with whom we interact have been influenced by these events, to be sensitive to and tolerant of the personal, emotional and cognitive difficulties that can arise from such a tragedy.


Notice of Resolution to the BFA Executive Committee:
  October 8, 2001
From BFA Committee:
Approved for forwarding to the BFA:
  October 8, 2001
Approved by the Boulder Faculty Assembly:
  October 11, 2001