Boulder Faculty Assembly

Resolution: Athletics Master Plan

Boulder Faculty Assembly
Executive Committee
Resolution: Athletics Department Master Plan


Be it Resolved,

The BFA has significant reservations about the present Athletic Master Plan based on the following observations.

1) There has not been adequate discussion of the plan with the faculty so that it can provide input.
2) There has not been appropriate elucidation of the sources of funding for the construction program; e.g., the financing of the parking structure.
3) There has not been sufficient understanding of the effects of this Master Plan upon the balance between academic and athletic expansion at the university. For example, its impact on the funding of future academic structures and the debt limit of the university.

The BFA asks the Boulder Campus Planning Commission (BCPC) to postpone action on its motion to approve the Long-Range Master Plan of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics until its December 2000 meeting, by which time the BFA will have recommendations of the Faculty in regard to the Plan which can be presented to the BCPC.

Therefore, at the present time and until these concerns have been addressed, the BFA is unable to support the Athletic Master Plan.


Approved for forwarding to the BFA by the Executive Committee:
  October 31, 2000
From BFA Committee:
Resolution presented to the BFA:
  November 2, 2000
Amended by the BFA:
  November 2, 2000
Passed by the BFA:
  November 2, 2000