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BFA Resolution: BFA-R-4-1199
Grandview Terrace


Boulder Faculty Assembly Resolution:
Development of Grandview Terrace

Relations of civility and mutual respect require processes of open communication and exploration of issues in seeking understanding and grounds for cooperation,

This goal encompasses both the internal relations among various groups within the University and external relations among the University and the community of Boulder,

The current differences between the University and the City of Boulder over the future disposition of Grandview Terrace lend themselves to civil resolution,

Be it resolved:
That the University delay plans for development of Grandview Terrace until after opportunities for seeking an understanding with the City of Boulder have been fully explored.

Notice of Resolution
to the BFA:
November 2, 1999
From BFA Committee:
BFA Ad Hoc Committee: Grandview
Approved by BFA:
November 4, 1999
Forwarded to:
Chancellor Byyny, Vice Chancellor DiStefano, Faculty Council, Arts and Sciences Council
Forward date:
November 10, 1999

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