Boulder Faculty Assembly

Periodicals Subscriptions

Boulder Faculty Assembly Libraries Committee Resolution:
Periodicals Subscriptions

The BFA Libraries Committee,

Taking note of the Administration's proposal for a two percent increase in the CU-Boulder library's periodicals budget next year,

Bearing in mind that the total cost of the library's current periodical subscriptions is expected to rise by approximately ten percent next year,

Affirming the importance of preserving the integrity of the library's periodical collection so that CU-Boulder can remain an excellent educational and research institution,

(1) Deplores the State of Colorado's refusal to fund the University at a level consistent with the goal of maintaining the University of Colorado as an excellent educational and research institution, a goal that requires not only recruiting and retaining talented personnel but maintaining the library collection for students and scholars,

(2) Requests that the Administration increase its proposed allocation for the library's periodicals budget to the level required to maintain current subscriptions.

Notice of Resolution to the Executive Committee:
  March 20, 2000
From BFA Committee:
Approved for BFA agenda by BFA Executive Committee:
April 3, 2000
Notice of Resolution to the BFA:
  April 6, 2000
  May 1, 2000
Approved BFA:
  May 4, 2000