Boulder Faculty Assembly

Resolution: Fiscal Analysis of BFA Motions

Boulder Faculty Assembly
Budget and Planning Committee Motion:
Fiscal Analysis of Motions



Motions passed by the BFA may have fiscal consequences to the University;


An analysis of these fiscal consequences may help the BFA in its deliberations;


No such fiscal analysis is being carried out at the present time;

Let it be Resolved

All motions brought before the BFA Executive committee for a vote by the BFA should be submitted, prior to consideration by the BFA, to the BFA Budget and Planning committee to determine the fiscal consequences, if any, to the University resulting from passage of the motion. The BFA Budget and Planning committee will, within two weeks after the submission, with the help of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Budget and Planning, analyze the fiscal consequences of the motion and provide them to the BFA as a written attachment.

Notice of Motion to the BFA Executive Committee:
  November 27, 2000
From BFA Committee:
  Budget and Planning
Approved for forwarding to the BFA:
  December 4, 2000
Notice of Motion to the BFA:
  December 7, 2000
Approved by the BFA:
  February 1, 2001