Boulder Faculty Assembly

Sexual Harassment Training


Boulder Faculty Assembly
Committee on Women Motion: BFA-M-3-0400
Sexual Harassment Training


The University adopted a new sexual harassment policy in July, 1999. While all new faculty are required to attend sexual harassment training to learn about the new policy, existing faculty are not and may be unaware of their reporting responsibilities as outlined in the new policy. To encourage existing faculty to attend sexual harassment training, the Committee on Women proposes the following motion:

The BFA requests that Faculty Affairs arrange one-hour workshops on the new sexual harassment policy to be conducted within departments and programs.

Notice of Motion
to the Executive Committee:
February 21, 2000
From BFA Committee:
Committee on Women
Approved by BFA Executive Committee for forwarding to BFA:
February 28, 2000
Notice of Motion to BFA:
  March 2, 2000
Approved BFA:
April 6, 2000