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BFA Motion: BFA-M-1-1299
Tenure / Promotion Appeal Process



Boulder Faculty Assembly Motion:
Tenure / Promotion Appeal Process -
Limit President's Review to 60 Days

Although faculty are given only ten days to appeal an unfavorable tenure / promotion decision of the Chancellor, presidential review can take up to nine months, from May to February. This delay has unfortunate consequences. (1) It causes the appellant considerable anxiety, uncertainty, and inconvenience. (2) It causes the department delays in planing course offerings and, in the case of a failed appeal, costly delays in hiring new faculty.

Recommendation: The Boulder Faculty Assembly recommends that in tenure and promotion appeals the President's review shall be concluded no later than sixty days after a decision from the Chancellor.

Notice of Motion
to the Executive Committee:
October 18, 1999
Notice of Motion to the BFA:
  November 4, 1999
From BFA Committee:
Faculty Affairs
Approved by BFA Executive Committee:
October 18, 1999
Approved by the BFA
  December 2, 1999
Forwarded to:
UCB Administration, Deans, Media
Forward date:
December 6, 1999


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