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Resolution: Course Repetition Policy

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Resolution: Course Repetition Policy


WHEREAS the Course Forgiveness Policy as presented by the BFA Committee on Academic Affairs was amended and presented to the full BFA on December 2, 2004; and

WHEREAS the revised text follows here:

Course Repetition Policy

1.  Under this Course Repetition Policy, an undergraduate student may repeat no mroe than two different courses taken on the University of Colorado Boulder campus or through Boulder Continuing Education.

2.  A course in which the udnergraduate student either admitted or was found guilty of violation of the University of Colorado Boulder Honor Code cannot be repeated under this Course Repetition Policy.

3.  No course may be repeated under this Course Repetition Policy after a student has graduated.

4.  The course must be repeated for a letter grade.  If the course is repeated for no credit or pass/fail, the first grade earned will continue to be used in grade pont average calculations.

5.  Courses that may be repeated multiple times, such as independent study and special topics, may not be repeated under this Course Repetition Policy.

6.  An undergraduate student must register for Course Repetition within the UCB drop-add period of the academic semester in which they are repeating the course.  Registration for Course Repetition is irrevocable.

Procedures and Implementation

1.  The original grade for the repeated enrollment will still appear on the student's transcript, but will be removed from the grade point average at the end of the term in which the course is repeated.  Students receiving an IW or IF grade in the repeated course will not have the original grade removed from the grade point average until a letter grade is received in the repeated course.

2.  There will be no retroactive transactions done as a result of repeating a course under this Course Repetition Policy.  For example, any past probation or suspension changes will not be removed, nor will eligibility decisions for dean's list, athletic or financial aid eligibility, or other academic eligibility.

3.  Students who are not eligible to repeat a course using Course Repetition, such as those who have exceeded their two eligible courses, are graduate students, etc., may repeat a course; however, both grades will remain in the University of Colorado G.P.A.

WHEREAS a paper ballot revealed that 9 faculty approved of the amended Course Repetition Policy, 15 disapproved, and 2 abstained.

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED that the proposal to continue the Course Repetition Policy with text modifications has failed. 


From BFA Committee:
  Academic Affairs
Proposal presented to the BFA:   November 4, 2004
Failed by the BFA:   December 2, 2004