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Resolution: Ratification of COIA Charter

Boulder Faculty Assembly

Executive Committee

Resolution: Ratification of COIA Charter

BFA-R-0404  March 1, 2004

 WHEREAS intercollegiate athletics provides an important enhancement to a vibrant academic community, and the positive contributions of intercollegiate athletics are something that faculty at the Boulder campus seek to sustain; and

WHEREAS over the last several decades the practice of college sports has seen more than its share of serious problems that have conflicted with and at times outweighed its constructive potential; and

WHEREAS the Faculty of the Boulder Campus of the University of Colorado are very concerned about the growing problems associated with intercollegiate athletics in higher education, both for student life and the overal mission of the university; and

WHEREAS these problems are far from simple and require a sustained, focused and nation-wide as well as campus-wide effort to clarify a long-term vision of the appropriate role of college athletics;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Boulder Faculty Assembly ratifies the charter of the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA), originally issued in March, 2003, thereby joining a growing list of faculty governance councils across the country in their prolonged effort to seek reforms in how athletics operates and is governed at the college level and to ensure that athletics enhances rather than undermines the academic mission. 


Resolution presented to the BFA:   March 4, 2004
Approved by the BFA:   March 4, 2004



See the charter and call for call for a coalition at the COIA website: