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Resolution: Academic Freedom Affirmation

Boulder Faculty Assembly
Resolution:  Academic Freedom Affirmation





WHEREAS academic freedom is a core value of the University of Colorado and its faculties; and

WHEREAS the Laws of the Regents of the University of Colorado mandate that “all members of the academic community have a responsibility to protect the university as a forum for the free expression of ideas;” and

WHEREAS a fundamental element of the higher educational experience is challenging students in their thinking, to help them grow into independent, thinking adults who can participate fully in a civil society.

THEREFORE Be It Resolved that the Faculty Council of the
University of Colorado urges each campus to better publicize its existing academic grievance processes; and

Be It Further Resolved that the faculty Council reaffirms the importance of academic freedom for students, faculty, staff and the academic community.


Resolution presented to the BFA:   February 5, 2004
Approved by the BFA:   February 5, 2004