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Resolution: Grievance Policy Review

Boulder Faculty Assembly
Resolution:  Grievance Policy Review



WHEREAS it is important that all students, staff and faculty have ready access to consistent and complete information explaining the resolution of disputes regarding academic matters; and

WHEREAS such information should include an efficient and clear process for resolving disputes regarding academic matters; and

WHEREAS there are numerous academic dispute resolution or grievance policies and procedures available across the Boulder Campus, intended for a variety of purposes and issued from a range of entities including departments, schools, colleges, and the campus administration; and

WHEREAS it is not always evident which of the current academic dispute resolution processes should be used by a particular person for a specific purpose; 

THEREFORE Be It Resolved that the Boulder Faculty Assembly requests that the Chancellor or his designee appoint an ad hoc committee of faculty, students, staff, and administrators to survey and review the existing academic dispute resolutions and grievance policies; and

Be It Further Resolved that said ad hoc committee develop and recommend to the Chancellor a streamlined and coherent system of academic dispute resolution and grievance procedures and a simple process to make these procedures known and accessible; and

Be It Further Resolved that such streamlined academic dispute resolution procedures be made readily available through a variety of channels; and

Be It Further Resolved that these actions be completed as quickly as possible, and in no event any later than the conclusion of Spring Semester, 2004. 



Resolution presented to the BFA:   February 5, 2004
Approved by the BFA:   February 5, 2004