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Resolution:  Commendation for S.H.E.

Boulder Faculty Assembly
Resolution: Commendation for S.H.E.


WHEREAS, the economies of the State of Colorado and the Nation have ailed in recent years; and 

WHEREAS the State has been challenged to fund adequately its many competing budget priorities, in part because of the state’s financial situation; and 

WHEREAS the institutions of higher education in the State, like other state institutions, have had severely curtailed general fund and other state appropriations for the last several years; and 

WHEREAS the students of the public institutions of higher education are among those most severely affected by the continuing financial cutbacks; and 

WHEREAS these students, through their student government organizations, have joined together to work with the General Assembly to encourage a long-term resolution to the funding challenges facing higher education; 

THEREFORE Be It Resolved that the college and university students of the State of Colorado be commended for their active and positive approach to this funding problem through S.H.E. (Support for Higher Education) campaign; and 

THEREFORE Be It Further Resolved that the appreciation and support of the Boulder Faculty Assembly be conveyed to the Colorado Inter Campus Student Forum, and other participating student government organizations, for their creative development and implementation of S.H.E.



Resolution presented to the BFA:   February 5, 2004
Approved by the BFA:   February 5, 2004