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Resolution: Scheduling Smart Classrooms

Boulder Faculty Assembly
BFA Academic Technology Committee
Resolution BFA-R-12-1002: Scheduling Smart Classrooms


Proposed Resolution of the BFA Regarding Classroom Scheduling

Submitted by: BFA Academic Technology Committee

Whereas, there is a severe shortage of "smart" classrooms and high-tech-equipped classrooms on campus, and

Whereas, many faculty currently desire to use such classrooms for their teaching, but are unable to do so due to scheduling of classrooms which often favors proximity of classrooms to faculty offices and a desire of faculty to teach in the buildings where they work over technology-based need,

The BFA hereby resolves that in cases of conflict, the needs for use of academic, instructional technologies should take precedence over geographic proximity in determining the scheduling of classrooms on the CU-Boulder campus. This resolution recognizes that such a scheduling principle may need to include compromises to maximize the use of classrooms of the appropriate size for a given course, so as to avoid scheduling small, tech-intensive courses into very large, smart classrooms.

The BFA also resolves that efforts should be made to either increase the number of such smart classrooms, or to provide more and improved mobile technology labs for the use of faculty.

From BFA Committee:
Academic Technology Committee
Approved by the Executive Committee for forwarding to the BFA: September 16, 2002
Approved by the Boulder Faculty Assembly: October 3, 2002