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Resolution: Faculty Computer Purchase Program

Boulder Faculty Assembly
BFA Academic Technology Committee
Resolution BFA-R-11-1002: Faculty Computer Purchase Program


The campus must cut resources to meet budgetary constraints.


The Provost has proposed to postpone funding for the faculty computer program for this year and thereafter move to a four-year replacement schedule.

Let it be resolved that

The BFA considers the Provost's suggestion a reasonable course of action subject to the following conditions:

1) Some of the monies that would have otherwise been spent in the faculty computer purchase program be reserved to assist faculty whose research and teaching will be compromised by postponing the funding.

2) The faculty computer purchase program be re-evaluated and modified to achieve further efficiencies and to better meet the diversity of faculty needs.

Addendum: Memo to Provost DiStefano

From BFA Committee:
  Academic Technology Committee
Approved by the Boulder Faculty Assembly :
  October 3, 2002