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Resolution: Faculty Merit Database

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Resolution: Faculty Merit Database


Regarding Faculty Salaries and Merit Principles:

Whereas, there are many reasonable, competing claims on the University's budget; and

Whereas, the Regents' "Faculty Compensation Principles and Policy", reaffirmed in December, 2000, state that: "Merit will be the prevailing factor in all recommended salary adjustments ... [D]eterminations of merit will be made by a collegial and consultative process within the primary unit using clearly articulated standards of merit and employing existing primary unit guidelines, including peer review. Salary increments will be used to reward merit defined in terms of systematic, comparative evaluations of teaching, research and creative work, and service. Unit heads should provide salary adjustment recommendations based upon weights given each individual in their workload assignment to teaching and learning facilitation, research and creative work, and service and outreach. Each campus may implement structural adjustments for market, career merit, salary equity, and promotion, as needed, within the guidelines of the compensation policy, always basing such adjustments upon the systematic, comparative evaluation of merit;" and

Whereas, the BFA and Faculty Council assign the highest priority to annual total raise pools targeted at approximately inflation plus 2.0% to 2.5% to keep pace with competitors and reward both exceptional and ordinary merit; and

Whereas the BFA and the Faculty Council assign the highest priority to the use of the merit system, as outlined in the Regents' compensation principles, to allocate individual salaries; and

Whereas the University compiles and maintains a database of individual faculty salaries; and

Whereas each faculty member completes an annual report of professional activities every year; and

Whereas each faculty member's performance is evaluated by his or her peers every year;


That the University compile and maintain a database of individual tenure and tenure-track faculty and instructors merit evaluations.

  Francis A. Beer
Notice of Resolution to the Executive Committee:   April 8, 2002
Forwarded by the Executive Committee to the BFA for a vote:   April 8, 2002
Approved by the BFA:   May 2, 2002